Karen Kenderdine, CHAIRPERSON
------------------------, VICE CHAIRPERSON
William Schabener, SECRETARY
John R. Powers Jr., TREASURER
Darlene Robbins, Chair of Performance and Evaluation Committee
Martha Herron, Co-Chair of Performance and Evaluation Committee
Mary Malone, Chair of Youth Council Committee
Heather Nelson, Co-Chair of Youth Council Committee
Frank Zukas, Chair of Planning and Development Committee


The Finance Fiscal Committee functions as a representative of the Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board, Inc. The committee shall prepare financial information and report on fiscal matters regarding all L/S WIB funding areas.


Karen Kenderdine
John R. Powers Jr.
Paul Straka


The Performance and Evaluation Committee works with L/S WIB staff, PA CareerLink® representatives, and all other interested parties to develop performance standards and evaluation policies, inclusive of the negotiation the local common measures for approval from the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis, Department of Labor, acting on behalf of the Governor. The Committee shall also implement monitoring and oversight activities to ensure effective utilization of the WIA resources, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement efforts over the life of the Local and Strategic Plans. The committee provides L/S WIB staff member reviews and determines evaluations and oversight of the local workforce development system through the PA CareerLinks® and as directed by the guidelines of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.


Darlene Robbins - Chair
Karen Kenderdine– Co-Chair
Frank Koller
David L. Schultz
Kristine Verba
Frank Zukas


The Planning and Development Committee encourages regional planning efforts that facilitate regional economic and workforce development partnerships within the Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Investment Area and the surrounding areas. The committee shall work with the L/S WIB staff to the Board, PA CareerLink® representatives, and any and all other interested parties to develop policies and programs that will ensure effective regional coordination of all WIA resources.


Frank Zukas - Chair
Robert Carl
Lisa M. Natt
Thomas Ruskey
Mike Saporito
Frank Yamrick


The Youth Committee is our Youth Council and is comprised of L/S WIB members who work in an advisory capacity to the L/S WIB Board. They are actively engaged in aligning common goals of various activities to developing program strategies designed to work with both In-School and Out-of-School youth. The Youth Council provides expertise in youth policy by direction setting leadership for the regional and local youth programming system for Title I activities and beyond, and conveys their planning efforts to the Board. It is the component of the L/S WIB that specializes in the development of the emerging workforce and strategically aligns itself with federal and state priorities related to the public workforce system. Their involvement and commitment is intended to broaden participation and delivery of youth services at the local level. [Click here to view Youth Council information]


Mary Malone – Chair
Heather Nelson– Co-Chair
Dr. Diane M. Niederriter
William Schabener